Burgundy Sesshin 2016 – Arcenant

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Burgundy Sesshin 2016 – Arcenant

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What is zen buddhism ?
What is zazen ?

From Saturday 04 June until Sunday 05 June 2016
Led by Master Jomon Julien

Touch the mind, become intimate with oneself, concentrating in zazen on the unified body and mind. This teaching was transmitted by Master Taisen Deshimaru.

Neither philosophy, nor ethics, nor religion, the Zen allows us to reach the origin of every philosophy, ethics or religion. Spring of awakening, the Zen transforms our life here and now.

Sesshin means touching the mind, it is a period where we essentially concentrate on zazen, also including samu, concentration on daily chore such as cooking or dish washing.

Informations :

Arrival Friday 03 June in the evening.

Price : 100€ (for people able to pay the sesshin at its right price) or 75€ (for people of modest means).

Bring a sleeping bag and shoes for footpath (we may do a walk in the mountains).

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