Ango 2015 – Summer Camp at the Yujo Nyusanji Temple

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Ango 2015 – Summer Camp at the Yujo Nyusanji Temple

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What is zazen ?

Summer camp registration is open!

An unexpected and very rewarding program awaits us. This summer camp will comprise four sessions instead of three, and each session will be conducted by a different Master.

Master Kosen Roshi is much awaited for at the third Summer Camp session. At the end of this session, which will take place from the 1st to the 10th of August, Master Kosen will perform monks, nuns and Bodhisattvas ordinations.  Do not miss this rare session where the precious teaching of the elder of the Deshimaru mission will be transmitted!

The first Summer camp session will be conducted by Master Ryurin Desmur, leader of the Lyon Dojo, and, of course, heir of Master Kosen. Master Ryurin is an expert in Chinese civilization and calligraphy. His scholarship and his ability to study rare texts are extraordinarily valuable and give much strength to his teachings. Since Master Kosen very often asks him to help in the dojo as a Shusso, his knowing of practice and rules is much valuable for the community.

The second session will be conducted by Master Kosho Vuillemin, guardian of the Caroux Yujo Nyusanji Zen temple, and close disciple of Master Kosen. A young and eclectic Master with a scientific training, he will focus on leading practitioners towards deep aspects of the study of body and mind, and on preparing everybody for the third session, when Master Kosen will come. Dedicated to samu and full health, one may expect him to deal with more modern sides of the practice of the way.

The second session will be conducted by Master Soko Leroux. Co-founder of the Barcelona Dojo and historical Sangha tenzo (responsible for food), his perfect posture will lead practitioners towards interior peace and more vivid social exchange.

Zen practice, whatever one’s opinion about it, is a blessing for all mankind. For practitioners, monks, nuns, Bodhisattvas, laymen or laywomen, the Summer Camp offers the opportunity to deepen, or to discover in full immersion, the age-old authentic meditation, zazen. The summer camp is specifically organized so that each and everyone may dive into the practice of meditation and recharge their batteries in the magnificent Caroux Zen temple countryside, during samus and spare time. Besides samu and zazen, they can practice a large variety of activities daily, such as yoga, massages, sewing, do-in, taï-chi, chi-kong, pranayama, and so on.

It’s the perfect and most direct way to enjoy summer vacation while focusing on oneself and on social relationships in a freer, irrevocably authentic way.

4 sessions from Saturday 11 July until Tuesday 18 August 2015
Led by the masters of Kosen Sangha


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Dates of the Summer Camp 2015

From 11 July until 18 August 2015 – four sessions of 10 days each

1- Session directed by Master Ryurin: from 11 till 19 July. 6 days of preparation, 2 1/2 of sesshin

2- Session led by Master Kosho: from 21 till 29 July. 6 days of preparation, 2 1/2 of sesshin

3- Session led by Master Kosen: from 1 till 10 August. 6 days of preparation, 3 1/2 of sesshin

4- Session led by Master Soko: from 12 till 18 August, 4 days of preparation, 2 1/2 of sesshin

Participants should arrive the day before each session. A session ends after lunch on the final day.

Week of samu before the camp from 2 till 6 July 2015.

Prices (Price for low income people, Normal price)


Session price

Sesshin price

1 & 2

450 € / 360 €

165 € / 135 €


500 € / 400 €

220 € / 180€


350 € / 280 €

165 € / 135 €







Permanents price : 3 sessions 650 €  / 4 sessions 700 €

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